Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New record in the MIX

Just got back from Nashville late last week, putting the finishing tracks down for the new worship EP, "Light Will Shine". Been working with Akil Thompson, on the production end. Man, I'm so pumped about this album. First off, Akil is a stinkin' GENIUS! His ideas on blending sounds and coming up with wild effects have been out of sight! I would spend the mornings before going in the studio, in prayer, asking Holy Spirit to reveal new sounds, and take the music to another level. Every day, something other-worldly would happen during recording, and we would just have to sit back and marvel at times. At other times, we'd sit back and laugh. It's like "Really, did we just record that"....
My prayer in this new record is that God would open our eyes, to a new movement, a new sound, and a fresh way to worship Him. He is the God of creation, the God of innovation, the God of new things. We are called to be the front-runners in culture, the head, not the tail. I truly believe with this new album, we are blazing a trail in worship music. Doing something that hasn't been done, and trying sounds that haven't been created before. So when you hear the music, just remember, 2 guys in Nashville, in a bedroom studio, with limited equipment, but an UNlimited God, and hearts to reach the unreached....
That's what this whole thing is all about.

Rock on